A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time: Ljubljana, Slovenia

After a long day of enjoying all the sculptures and Art Nouveau Ljubljana has to offer, we cut through a small park to get back to Hostel Celica, a repurposed prison, for a quick nap before hitting the town later that night.

No, it’s not the zombie apocalypse — it’s a local acting troupe in Ljubljana, Slovenia, putting on an impromptu show in the park.

After our initial shock wore off, we were a little entranced. After all, this isn’t something you see everyday.

Things got really strange, really quickly.

Adding to the insanity was the fact that the retirement home directly adjacent to the performance was having some type of visitor’s day, so periodically, a senior citizen would come into contact with one of the actors. I’m not sure who was more confused.

One of the senior citizens housed at a nearby retirement home unwitting walks right into the melee.

Once we saw that the next step of their production involved giving business cards to members of the crowd — by mouth — we beat a hasty retreat to the hostel and had a good laugh. There’s nothing like free entertainment, right?

Nothing like avant garde theater on the walk home.


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