Travel Tips

Travel Tip #1

Remember that when you get a great view at an awesome price …

Gorgeous view of the old town in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

you’ll often pay for it in other ways :).

That’s somewhere between 200 and 300 stairs (each way), leading to and from our room above Dubrovnik.

It was a little tough sometimes — especially if we forgot something in the room — but totally worth it.


2 thoughts on “Travel Tip #1

  1. New Zealand is the first country in the world to get the sun each day. The easternmost point, therefore, is a popular tourist destination. There’s a lighthouse on a hill, and the photos from there are awesome. Nothing but the Pacific Ocean, with the day’s first sunlight peering up from over the horizon.


    To get there you have to drive 10 miles in pitch black darkness on a one lane gravel road that you share with livestock. On one side of the road are a series of steep hills rising up into the night. On the other side is a sheer cliff face dropping off into the ocean. If it’s been raining there can be mudslides, where the hill suddenly takes up half of the lane. When you get to the end of the road you then have to walk through a farmer’s back yard to the base of the hill with the lighthouse on top. Then you climb. There are roughly 770 steps to the top – and when I say steps, I mean railway ties, each roughly a yard apart. If it’s been raining, they’re slippery, though you have a steel railing on one side of the path to hold onto. By the time you get to the top, you’re damp and exhausted from the climb. Then the wind hits you – after all, you’re on the top of a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

    But the view? Magnificent, and worth every drop of energy you expend.

    (shameless plug for my own blog – here’s the entry I wrote on our trip there last year, with a pic that Melissa took at the top)

    Totally loving your blog, and every time I read an entry I REALLY want to get to Europe ASAP!

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