Serendipity: Seville, Spain

Visiting Seville was such an exotic treat for us! It was very different from the rest of our experiences in Spain. We stayed in the Triana district, which has a very traditional yet artistic feeling, and is home to lots of locals only spots. They definitely observe siesta (which makes for super-hungry American tourists, if you don’t plan well). The Alcázar was worth the trip alone — sidenote about that: plan to spend the better part of a day touring that place. If we had planned better, I would have brought writing materials and cozied up on a bench for most of the day. Make sure to try some gazpacho on those hot summer days and keep an eye out for authentic flamenco breaking out on the streets and in the bars lining the Triana side of the river.

The only drawback of the entire trip was an extremely early flight home. We were pretty bummed about having to grab a 4 a.m. taxi to the airport, but it ended up working out beautifully because our early return to the hostel actually ran us smack-dab into a beautiful religious procession that we would have never seen otherwise. We still don’t know the significance of what we saw, but that’s okay — it was a beautiful experience that we’ll never forget.

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