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Travel Tip #5: Apartments Rule!

Apartments are a great and budget-friendly option for travelers, especially if you plan to stay in the same city for more than two or three nights. We rented our first apartment in Barcelona back in 2010, and it was by far the most reasonable place we could find in our preferred location. At 90 euro a night, it wasn’t exactly what I’d call super-cheap, but we saved money by eating most of our meals in … And because we were right across from the market and a few blocks down from the grocery store, we didn’t have to sacrifice quality or variety with our meals. Also, it’s really just a treat to have a homey place while you’re on the road for extended periods of time.

Our photos below are from the apartments we found in Barcelona and Rome (respectively) for less than 100 euros a night. We tried AirBNB for our last trip and found it a great option …  the apartment we booked through them in Rome was right around the corner from the Colosseum and adjacent to several convenient markets. Plus, both rentals (pictured below) had great terrace space, which is very important to us and difficult to find.

My suggestion is to always check apartment listings for cities that you’re staying four or more nights in … and, just like with any other accommodation, check for ratings and reviews listed on reliable sites. If you find the right one, it’s like having your own home in Europe.





3 thoughts on “Travel Tip #5: Apartments Rule!

  1. Personally if I’m staying more than a couple of nights I always look at an apartment. When we travel with our daughter we also find apartments great – often cheaper than a triple share hotel and better to cook for a fussy (and often tired) child. I also find an apartment helpful on a long trip if you can get one with a washing machine!

    Great post, thanks for putting it up!

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