Photo Essay

Photo Essay: Zaragoza, Spain

I’ve mentioned our serendipitous trip to Zaragoza before and I’m sure I’ll tell more stories about it in the future (in case you haven’t noticed, we like to tell stories about our travels). But in this entry, I’d like to focus on one of the things that struck me most about our visit  — the dramatic plaza and basilica in the center of its old town. We only stayed a few nights at Hotel Las Torres, which has since undergone what appears to be a massive renovation and is situated directly across from the Cathedral, but we could have easily stayed a week. Many of the rooms at Las Torres have a small balcony overlooking the square, which is where we ended each night (along with a bottle of great rioja). In addition to the religious sites (which are a huge draw for Catholic pilgrims worldwide), there are some great Roman ruins, the Aljafería (a Moorish/Islamic palace), and great streets for wandering. The city is ideally situated for a stopover between Madrid and Barcelona, so if you’re planning a trip, keep that in mind. It was a great find, and we can’t wait to return.


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